iPhoto - The iPhoto Interface

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The iPhoto Interface

When you open iPhoto, you’ll see the viewing area, which allows you to choose what
you want to do next, such as organize or view images, edit them, or use them to create
slideshows, books, calendars, or cards.

Viewing area

View the photos in your library, albums,
slideshows, and more. The iPhoto
window switches between views, such
as organize, edit, slideshow, or book
view, depending on your action.


Use buttons and controls to

organize, edit, review, and

share your photos.

Source list

Access your library,

where all imported

photos and video clips

appear, as well as the

folders, albums,

slideshows, books,

calendars, and cards

you create.

Information pane

Find important photo

information, such as

date, size, associated

keywords, and

star rating.

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