iPhoto - Playing a Slideshow

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Playing a Slideshow

After you create a slideshow, you can play it on your computer. The slideshow fills your
entire screen while it plays.

To play a slideshow:


Click to select the slideshow you want to play in the Source list.


To start the slideshow, click the Play button in the bottom-left corner of the slideshow

To stop the slideshow, click anywhere on the screen. To pause or resume playing a
slideshow, press the Space bar.

While viewing your slideshow, you can:
 Use the Up and Down Arrow keys to adjust the speed of your slideshow
 Use the Right and Left Arrow keys to move through a slideshow manually

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Chapter 2

Learn iPhoto


 Press Delete to remove the photo currently being displayed from the slideshow
 Press Command-R to rotate the photo currently being displayed. (The Command key

has a x symbol on it.)

You have completed your first slideshow.